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  CS Andhika    
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  21 Oktober 2011
Workshop Baru Div Teknik
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  Spooring Altech bluetooth  
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Price :
Rp 94.000.000,-

1. Power: 0.5KW

2. Electric voltage: 110V/220V

3. Computer: Standard

4. CPU: 1.8G Memory: 1GB Hard disk: 250G DVD Driver

5. Keyboard and Mouse: 1set wireless and 1set with cable

6. Monitor: Samsung 19" LCD

7. Printer: HP-Ink-jet printer with Color

1. Complete test: The 4 Wheel Aligner can be used to measure the most wheel alignment parameters, such as front wheel toe-in, front wheel camber, caster, Kingpin inclination, rear wheel toe-in, rear wheel camber, thrust angle, wheelbase difference, tread difference, axle offset, front wheel setback and rear wheel setback, etc.

2. Complete databank: wheel alignment data of over 20,000 vehicle models is stored in the system. User can also add new data to the databank.

3. Adopts the charge coupled device (CCD) with high resolution, infrared 8-beam and full loop measurement, accurate and stable, wireless communication mode

4. Based on the thrust line to realize the real alignment measurement.

5. Front alignment test function: user can select the alignment mode flexibly. Only two probe rods are mounted can the emergency alignment measurement for the front wheels be performed.

6. The sensor heads are individually interchangeable. After changing one of the sensor heads, the other three needs not to recalibrate, which makes the after-sales service more convenient.

7. Fully intelligentized. The system can automatically recognize the vehicle with super-low chassis to perform the alignment test for this kind of vehicle and the vehicle with enclosed housing. Aiming to the vehicle model, the system can automatically turn on the corresponding functions of height measurement and counterweight, etc.

8. The demonstration version can run all test flow, which makes users training more convenient and quick.

9. Perform the special alignment test for Audi and Passat vehicles, etc.

10. The units of the alignment parameters can be represented with Degree/Minute, percentage degree, mm and Inch.


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