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  21 Oktober 2011
Workshop Baru Div Teknik
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  Diesel Engine Trainer  
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For identification of construction, work system, and vehicle components, practice of diagnosis , (dis) assembly, testing fuel system, pre-heater system and this construction for the engine is ideal for teaching of engine operation, fault finding and trouble shooting.

The trainer is of a modular design so that it can accommodate any of the engines including three, four, six and eight cylinder engines.

Engine stand are provided in good condition and have been throughly cleaned and painted

The package covers the following topics : combustion process, types of combustion chambers, types and circuit of glow plugs, fuel systems, fuel tanks, low pressure fuel supply pump, governor, injectors, trouble shooting and solving. This Trainer useful for basic automotive skill training (Engine Stream).







Dimension (approximately)

Length                         : 1340 mm

Wide                            :   800 mm

High                             : 1150 mm


Color : Blue + Combination

Power Source

Battery 12V / 40 AH


Technical Data

      Engine : four-cylinder, four stroke diesel engine, water-cooled, in line type 2000 - 2500 cc (variation mark).

      Instrument panel : key type ignition switch, ampere meter, oil control lamp, water temperature gauge.

      Sub-system : Radiator cooling system, fuel system with 5 liter fuel tank, exhaust system.

      On model is fully operable. The engine has four inch polyurethane wheels for mobility and two of the wheels have locks in order to keep the engine stationary during operation.

      The rebuilt engines have been restored to "like new" condition, and are guaranteed to give excellent performance.

     The reconditioned engines offer good value to school as the cost is less and the principles of measuring part for wear is more easily demonstrated, reconditioned engines are guaranteed to be in good running condition.







     Lesson Plan, Job Sheet and Wall Chart







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