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  21 Oktober 2011
Workshop Baru Div Teknik
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  Standart Body Electrical  
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The trainer is designed for student skills training ini actual wiring of a basic Electrical System as found on most vehicle.

Also can be use for identification of construction, function and work system. Including practice of assembly, measurement of electrical current, diagnosis and testing od electrical system. The trainer made from original signal and light system of car are showed on white acrylic background.

The package covers the following topic : basic electricity, alectrical wire, battery, lighting system and accessories.

The level of competence for basic electrical of standart vehicle (Electrical Body Stream)

(mechanic 1)








Dimension (approximately)

Length                         : 1410 mm

Wide                            :   510 mm

High                             : 1510 mm


Color : Blue + Combination

Power Source

Battery 12V / 40 AH


Technical Data

     The elctrical standard body is designed to realistically simulate the electrical system on an automobile. The unit consists of a number of modular demonstration panel which are mounted on a wheeled stand that contains a power source and component connecting cable. The original parts as commonly used in automobiles typically produced by the major car or component manufacturer.

     The components are mounted on clear plexy glass panels that allow high visibility af all parts and wiring. Vertical presentation of panels simulates the schematic presentation of common vehicle wiring diagrams. Panel feature wiring guides and icon which have been silk screened on to the panels so as to familiarize the student with schematic type wiring diagrams

     Body electrical standard components. : Head light, interior light, license plate light, fog light, switch, relay, wiper and cable







     Lesson Plan, Job Sheet and Wall Chart.







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